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Blue Gum Honeycomb in Honey

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A wonderfully indulgent chunk of freshly harvested honeycomb in a medium-rich, classic Blue Gum Honey from the South Australian Adelaide Hills.

    Collected in the native bushland of the Adelaide Hills, and reflecting the classic Australian style, our Blue Gum Honey offers a medium-rich eucalyptus flavour and the subtle yet evocative aroma of the natural Australian landscape.


    With its bold, aromatic bush flavours our Bush Mallee Honey is unequalled. Sourced in the South Australian Murray Mallee region, it imparts a richer, more distinctive eucalypt flavour on the palate, which makes it the connoisseur’s honey of choice.


    Harvested in the summer fields along the Limestone Coast, our Meadow Honey is light, sweet and simply delectable. With its hints of strawberry clover and herbs, this pure mild honey is ideal for an array of gourmet culinary delights.


    Deliciously sweet and fragrant, our Orange Blossom Honey displays the glorious perfume of the orange groves amongst which our bees forage to their hearts content. This raw honey is in a category all of its own, capturing the aroma of spring in South Australia’s iconic Riverland.


    Churned slowly for days, our raw Creamed Honey is mild and buttery in flavour, with a velvety, caramel-like consistency, making it absolutely perfect for spreading on toast, croissants, pancakes and crumpets.


    Straight from our hives, Buzz Honey Honeycomb is just as you would find it in the hive – chewy and bursting with sweetness and nutrients. Submerged and preserved in honey, the delicate golden comb is the ideal indulgent garnish for desserts, platters and cheese pairing.


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